Title: Weaving Inspiration into Every Step: The Power of Inspirational Rugs


At Rich Class Decor, we believe that your home is a canvas to express your unique personality, values, and aspirations. What better way to infuse your living spaces with positivity than through the artful inclusion of inspirational rugs? In this heartfelt blog post, we'll explore the stories behind six captivating rug designs: "You Are Beautiful," "You Are Enough," "Come As You Are," "God Is Faithful," "Do Good Be Kind," and "Live Your Life." Each rug carries a message that not only adorns your floors but also uplifts your spirits, creating a haven of inspiration. Let's delve into the magic of these rugs and why they are a must-have for every homeowner.

  1. "You Are Beautiful"

Barbie's Legacy: "You Are Beautiful"

Barbie isn't just a doll; she's an icon of self-expression and self-confidence. Her cherished motto, "You Are Beautiful," resonates deeply with us. Our rug emblazoned with these words captures the essence of embracing your unique beauty and celebrating your individuality. Imagine walking on this rug, feeling empowered and uplifted every day.

Imagine stepping onto a rug that whispers the words "You Are Beautiful" with every footfall. This rug serves as a daily reminder that true beauty comes from within, reminding you that your uniqueness is a gift to the world. This inspiring story encourages self-love and confidence, celebrating the journey of embracing your authenticity.

Having this rug in your home nurtures a positive self-image and empowers you to approach each day with renewed confidence. The presence of these words on your rug radiates a sense of beauty, warmth, and self-assurance, transforming your space into a sanctuary of self-acceptance.

The initial sketch was designed by @Natalievintage porch brought to life by our master artisans. Our Barbie Blush Pink Edition is a must have!



 2. "Come As You Are" Rug

The phrase "Come As You Are" exudes an air of hospitality and inclusivity. Its story centers on embracing vulnerability and fostering genuine connections. It invites you to be unapologetically yourself.

Having this rug in your home transforms it into a safe haven where authenticity is celebrated. It creates an atmosphere of open-heartedness, encouraging both residents and guests to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives without fear of judgment.

3. "God Is Faithful" Rug

For those with faith at the core of their lives, the phrase "God Is Faithful" serves as a reminder of trust and hope. This rug's story carries the message that no matter the challenges, there's a higher power guiding us through life's journey.

Having this rug in your home provides a comforting reminder of faith and resilience. It brings a sense of solace during tough times and reinforces the belief that there's a divine plan. For guests who share similar beliefs, it fosters a sense of connection and shared faith.

god is faithful

4. "Do Good Be Kind" Rug

The phrase "Do Good Be Kind" encapsulates the ripple effect of kindness and compassion. This rug's story revolves around the notion that even the smallest acts of goodness can create profound impacts.

Having this rug in your home creates an environment where kindness is valued and celebrated. It serves as a gentle reminder to extend compassion in your interactions, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and consideration for all.

do good be kind kitchen rug 

5. "Live Your Life" Rug

The rug with the message "Live Your Life" encapsulates the essence of embracing experiences and opportunities. Its story champions the pursuit of passions and savoring every moment.

Having this rug in your space inspires a spirit of adventure and possibility. It serves as a motivating force, encouraging you to seize the day and pursue your dreams. Its presence invites residents and guests alike to live life to the fullest.

Amanda Kloots is a remarkable woman whose story has touched hearts worldwide. A talented Broadway dancer, Amanda faced an unexpected and challenging journey when her husband, beloved actor Nick Cordero, fell critically ill. Throughout his battle, Amanda displayed immense strength, hope, and a spirit that never wavered.

Amanda's now-famous rallying cry, "Live Your Life," encapsulates her unwavering positivity and her determination to embrace each moment. Despite the hardships, Amanda's message radiates resilience and serves as a reminder to treasure life's joys.

The "Live Your Life" Rug: Infusing Amanda's Spirit

Our "Live Your Life" rug draws inspiration from Amanda Kloots' remarkable journey. Just as Amanda's story touched lives, we aim to bring her spirit into your home through this beautiful design. This rug embodies the idea that life's challenges don't define us; rather, it's our response and attitude that truly matter.

 Amanda Kloots Live Your Life Rug

6. "JUST BE YOU" Rug

Imagine stepping onto a rug that declares "JUST BE YOU" with unwavering affirmation. This rug's story is about embracing your authentic self and celebrating your individuality.

Having this rug in your home creates an environment where uniqueness is cherished. It fosters a sense of self-acceptance and encourages everyone to express themselves authentically. It communicates that your true self is more than enough.

Sketched by Mysha @remmingtonavenue & brought to life woven by our master artisans

Nursery Room JUST BE YOU Rug


The phrase "You Are Loved" carries a story of compassion and connection. It reminds you that you're valued and cherished, creating an atmosphere of emotional well-being.

This rug serves as a constant affirmation of love's presence in your home. It radiates warmth and comfort, allowing you and your guests to feel embraced and appreciated.

You Are Loved Kitchen Rug

Why These Rugs Belong in Every Home

Incorporating inspirational rugs like "You Are Beautiful," "You Are Enough," "Come As You Are," "God Is Faithful," "Do Good Be Kind," "Live Your Life," and "JUST BE YOU" can transform your home into a haven of positivity and encouragement.

  1. Daily Motivation: These phrases act as daily reminders of important values, promoting self-love, kindness, authenticity, and faith.

  2. Positive Ambiance: The rugs create an uplifting atmosphere that nurtures emotional well-being for both you and your guests.

  3. Visual Reminders: The visual presence of these phrases serves as subtle yet powerful reminders to embody their messages in your daily life.

  4. Inspiring Conversations: These rugs can spark meaningful conversations about self-growth, values, and positivity with friends and family.

  5. Personal Connection: The messages on these rugs resonate with people of all ages, fostering a personal and emotional connection.


Our collection of inspirational rugs, featuring phrases like "You Are Beautiful," "You Are Enough," "Come As You Are," "God Is Faithful," "Do Good Be Kind," "Live Your Life," and "JUST BE YOU," is a tribute to the power of design and positive affirmation. These rugs transcend mere decoration – they hold stories that inspire, uplift, and remind us of the beauty within ourselves and the world around us. At Rich Class Decor, we invite you to explore our collection and select the rugs that resonate with your heart, transforming your living spaces into a tapestry of inspiration, love, and empowerment.